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Emily Ives is a young adult writer who enjoys dark fantasy and is trying to be meaner to her characters. Ives currently resides in Texas where she’s a Youth Services Librarian and all-around okay plant collector.⁣
She can be found discussing writing and the messy creative process on Instagram and her podcast, Renaissance Pals. ⁣


Bertha Agia is the owner and founder of She is also an accomplished communications specialist with over 21 years of expertise and experience in the tech world. Her passion is to take difficult stories or mediocre work and turn them into easy-to-understand, high-quality masterpieces in order to appropriately capture the audience’s attention, and help increase brand or product awareness.⁣


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Taking Better Instagram Photos

Taking Better Instagram Photos

To engage customers on Instagram you have to know how to take Instagram photos that amaze — plain and simple. Visually-stunning accounts earn followers. Here are 4 Tips on Taking Better I.G. Photos: 1. Start with a Plan. Before you begin snapping and creating...

3 Tips to Conduct a Professional Interview

3 Tips to Conduct a Professional Interview

As a professional journalist, I’ve embarrassed myself enough on interviews to know what not to do. And now that I’m writing a book, I realize these techniques are perfect for authors seeking information to make their characters and stories more believable. Don’t be...

Have Courage

Have Courage

In my 20’s I wrote a short story in my creative writing class at the Humber school for writers in Toronto. The teacher pulled me aside and told me I was special. She said I should keep writing. Keep going. She said she hoped I worked on the story and found a home for...

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