About Our Organization

The Writing Champions Project (TWCP)

Founded in January 2019 by Natalie Banks, TWCP seeks to elevate writers by supporting them in their endeavors, connecting them with valuable resources, and advocating for literacy through author promotional opportunities.

Our Mission

The Writing Champions Project empowers global literacy by connecting writers with readers, education, opportunity, and community. Our organization’s mission is to develop and inspire aspiring writers through education and promotion while bridging relationships between readers and writers to promote literacy.

Our Vision

Our board seeks to expand opportunities, create connections, celebrate diversity, showcase creativity, develop talents, and provide support for our writers to encourage the pursuit of writing and reading among communities worldwide.


Core Foundations

● Creativity Empowerment
● Honoring Literacy’s History
● Inspiration
● Motivation
● Education

Natalie Banks


Natalie Banks is a best-selling and award-winning author of four novels with a fifth in the works. Natalie studied Creative Writing at NC State University and JCC but has been writing since the age of twelve. Natalie combines a love of Carolina settings, breath holding suspense, and sweeping romance to bring to life stories that showcase women’s lives as they live, love, hurt, and heal.


Robert Charles Gompers

Vice President

Robert Charles Gompers is an award-winning poet and playwright whose plays have been produced in several major cities across America. His latest book, P Town Boys chronicles a group of close-knit friends who summer in Cape Cod each year. With over 25 plays to his credit, career highlights include Museum, an interactive theater retrospective of women in history, to The Long Ride Home, which won Best Play at Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City.


Lauren Eckhardt

Executive Director

Lauren Eckhardt is an award-winning Young Adult and Women’s Fiction author and memoir ghostwriter, who has a particular love of writing stories centered on second chances in life and the self-strengthening journeys of the characters through them. Lauren is also a publisher and book coach at Burning Soul Press, helping people through all stages of the writing journey from planning to publishing to marketing.


Michelle Young


Michelle Young is the Canadian author of Your Move, a psychological thriller novel, and two poetry books, Salt & Light and Without Fear. Her work focuses on subjects related to adoption, infertility and mental health. She is currently working on publishing her second thriller novel. She loves to help and inspire others with her words and would love to connect with you! 

April Woodard

Design Chair

April M Woodard is an advocate for the autism community, sharing how she worked with her own autistic traits to create a fictional book series.  She is also a mentor to authors, helping them focus on how they can connect with their ideal audience.

Bobby Gleitz

Robert Gleitz

Outreach Chair

Robert Gleitz is a freelance writer of nonfiction and short fiction. He finds there are always stories waiting to be told. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people along the way, learning about their lives and the area they call home from a historical, sociological, and psychological viewpoint. He is most comfortable, however, in a tent deep in the wilderness, alone with nature. Indiana is home, but so, too, is wherever he lays his head. 

Megan Waldrep

Event Chair

Megan is a freelance writer and columnist navigating the curious life of a partner of a commercial fisherman. She writes under the pen name Elizabeth Rose for a relationship column called, I Heart. 

Ross Hartmann

Writing Chair

Ross Hartmann is the creative director at Kiingo, a storytelling school dedicated to teaching the fundamental principles of successful storytelling. He’s currently writing a book about the storytelling tools used by the most successful storytellers. 

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Heidi Suydam

Social Media Chair

Heidi Suydam is the founder of the SOS Blog, Simply Our Society, focused on midlife, mom-life and mental health. As content manager and an author on the SOS Blog it is her desire to provide quality content, reliable resources and an easy, user friendly format for women of all ages looking for inspiration, help and encouragement in life. 

Habby AB

Habby AB

Education Chair

Habby AB is a mental health warrior and advocate, working as a social worker in the field of child welfare and protection in Norway. She’s a writer of contemporary inspirational fiction and non-fiction. A writer of life lessons, love and bravery, her works focuses on human experiences along with emotions, and hopes to inspire and empower others through the art of storytelling. Habby enjoys connecting and encouraging others and would love to connect with you.