Author Takeover

Welcome to the Author Instagram Takeover! 

Our goal is simple: to create more in-depth connections with our members to grow and enhance the writing community. The takeover is a chance to showcase your love of the writing world while celebrating our own journey within it. 

If you’re interested in taking over TWCP’s Instagram account, please email Executive Director, Julie Navickas ( to get started! 



What’s Involved? 

1 – Plan 4-6 pieces of content to have posted (words + image + at least 10 relevant hashtags) 

2 – The 1st piece should be an introduction with a photo (or short video) + short bio and relevant links 

3 – Be active on TWCP’s account as your takeover posts are up. Interact with comments. Build your network.

4 – Share the posts and your takeover on your account in the IG stories. 

5 – Tag 3-5 friends for each of your takeover posts who would love to see the content and meet others who are commenting. 

Ideas for Content 

Showcase the books that inspire you on your writing journey 

Interview another writer/editor/designer 

A post with writing/book advice and tips

A motivational quote from a favorite writer 

Books that helped you develop as a writer 

Lessons you’ve learned 

Brief videos (under a minute) of other creative outlets you dabble in

Articles you write on a related writing topic 

Author Takeover FAQ’s

Is there a certain aesthetic or color I need to use? As long as your post is cohesive and the scheme fits together nicely, you can use the
color and backgrounds of your choice.

Is it okay if I reference my book or blog, contact information, etc.? By all means! This is your week and we want you to take advantage of that. We just
ask that you don’t use the platform for advertising, but mentioning your work is perfectly fine and we encourage it.

What type of introduction should I use? This is totally up to you. You can tell the reader who you are and what you do, talk about what your subject matter will be if you have a structured week focusing on a certain topic. Basically just let everyone know a little about your background and make them want to get to know you better.

What should I write about? The subject matter should be related to writing of course, but we all have different ideas and tricks we have learned along the way. Maybe you have tips to share on drafting, revising, editing, critiquing, the possibilities are endless. You may have books that have changed your life, or how you write. Maybe a moment in your life that you realized you had a story to tell. Again, this is your week and your platform, take charge and use that creativity!

Could I do a video? Certainly. There would be a time limit of course, but if you feel comfortable in front of a camera, you can use that to your advantage. This could especially be useful perhaps for introducing yourself.

What if I can only come up with 3-4 days of content, will I be looked over? Absolutely not. We ask for four to six days of content, and what you have to say is important and you may be able to convey your message in a shorter period, and that is fine.

What would constitute being passed over for this opportunity? We are not here to pick anyone apart, but as a writing community, we are here to help other writers. That being said, if your Instagram page is full of negativity, political posts, racial bias, unacceptable pictures, etc., we reserve the right to pass on a feature as we are a positive group and want to keep a good image.

What if I know someone else who may like to do this, could I refer them? Sure, networking among the community is our goal, growing and learning together. They can send a message and someone will contact them.

What if I have more questions that weren’t listed above? You can reach out via email to us and we will try to respond as quickly as possible and get those questions answered.

Please keep your posts relevant, high quality, and politically correct.