To engage customers on Instagram you have to know how to take Instagram photos that amaze — plain and simple. Visually-stunning accounts earn followers.

Here are 4 Tips on Taking Better I.G. Photos:

1. Start with a Plan. Before you begin snapping and creating Instagram stories, contemplate your goals. How will your photography help you achieve them? What brand message will the visuals convey? Return to this plan as you begin building your photo collection. This will become the standard by which you measure every image you choose. Don’t just post to post. Make every photo count.

AND think of the hashtags that will go with it. Have a plan and execute it. You’ll be much happier with planned photos rather than just posting just to have content on your feed. It can be exhausting on photoshoot day, but it will pay off later. Take tons of photos! Later, you can choose the best ones to edit.

2. Natural light for the win. Using flash can actually wash out the subject and flatten out the photos. Plan to take photos in the early morning or just before dusk. Or prepare for your photoshoot on days when the sky is cloudy & blocking some direct sun. If shooting outdoors is not an option, then try to take the photos in a well-lit room or near windows where natural lights can go through. P.S. Don’t forget to clean the lens. Use a tripod or place your phone somewhere stable to avoid blurry photos.

3. Theme or Look. Have a cohesive look to all of your photos. Each photo should be similar, so when someone views all the pictures together it is more appealing to the eye. Plan out your ideal feed and list the photos you want to take. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. (look up “Instagram them feed”)

4. Don’t over-edit. Editing apps are great! But if you over-edit your photos will seem forced and unprofessional. Some of my favorite free apps for the iPhone are: Lightroom

I know! It seems daunting. Just know that you will get better as you go. The more practice the better! And hey! Don’t forget to have fun!


April Woodard
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