People have often asked me when did you become a writer? I have to pause now when I answer. 30 years ago? 2 years ago? 2 weeks ago? The truth is, that every single day, I am becoming a writer. Each day that I set the words in motion, I become more of what I want to be. I look back on my writings over the years, especially my published novels. Three in total, all with 4.5 star ratings, but in my mind, they still fall short. And I am still striving to be the writer, I have always wanted to be. The words, I have learned are more than just the words. They are a living, breathing organism, all their own. I perfected the art, or so I thought, of telling a story. A tightly woven plot, rich characters, in beautiful settings. But still, its not enough. I have learned through writing my fourth novel, that there was so much more to be had. To be discovered inside of myself. As I sat down with my words, a novel, I thought already complete …and for the first time ever, I breathed real life into them. One sentence at a time. Into the story that I thought had already been told. Yet I had only broken the surface of what it was capable of becoming. Editing, they call it. Life giving, I say. My manuscript, rewritten a hundred times now, and just beginning to resonate with a glimpse of the writer I strive to be. The magic is in the rewriting. The digesting. The dissecting. The weaving and reweaving of words. I am learning to be that writer. The one I dream of being. And Tomorrow, I will become more of her and also the day after that and the day after that. I will continue my journey on.
Written By: Natalie Banks