Finding time. Is it finding time or making time? Maybe its taking time? .

For those of us who write at all, we are writers. We may or may not be paid for our work but we write and take it seriously. Time is something I think we all struggle with. .

I cannot count the days that my writing sat on the back burner of life. Everything came before my writing. .

With all the demands of being a stay at home mom, a home school mom, the primary home manager (meaning cooking, cleaning, money management, chauffeur, nurse etc…) I felt guilty taking time to write. Especially when it wasn’t something I would be getting paid to do, I mean we all equate money with a worthy endeavor right? Wrong! I know this but for me somehow the thought of contributing financially slightly took away the guilt of taking time to pursue my passion until… .

I read a book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He is a life coach and shared about his work with an author. The author never seemed to be able to “find time” to write her next book. He asked her about her day which was full of all the mom/wife/home things first then the day would be over, everyone returning from school or work, which meant no time for her to write. .

He helped her realize the importance of priority. She turned her days around. As soon as everyone was out and started on their days, instead of cleaning, laundry and cooking all day, she left it to sit down and write, because writing was her priority. .

So what happened to the cleaning, cooking and all the family needs? Everyone’s needs were still met! Just in a different order. .

Time to write – you do have to find it, make it and take it. If you are getting paid or if you are not. If writing is a priority in your life, put it where it belongs in your day so it won’t get lost in the shuffle of life.

Written By: Heidi Suydam