If you’re faced with the dark enemy of writer’s block, I need you to ask yourself a few questions.

1- Are you feeling well?

Feeling under the weather in some way (emotionally or physically) can impact your creativity. So if you find that the answer is yes to this question and it’s a physical concern, then take a rest. Get well and come back rejuvenated.

If it is emotional you can eat a treat, listen to music, go for a walk, meditate. Something to shift your energy. If these methods don’t work, it’s okay to walk away & try again tomorrow.

2- Are you being too hard on yourself?

Are you a perfectionist? Trying to make your first draft shine like a finished manuscript? If you put this kind of pressure on yourself, this is a sure fire way to open the door and invite writer’s block in. Let yourself go. Justwrite. I don’t even check my spelling when I’m writing my first draft. I just let the words come out and worry about errors later. That’s what editing is for!! 3- Are you out of ideas?

Did you fully develop your plot before you started? Or did you jump in and hope for the best? A lot of times, not knowing the whole story can cause writers block because you find yourself at a place in the story where you just don’tknow what is going to happen next. If you find yourself here, then step away from the manuscript and work on your plot points. Think about your characters and where their journey is leading them. I think given some time working on that, the ideas will startflowing again and you can get back to writing.

4- Are you bored? Maybe you’ve been working on your manuscript for months or even years and you’re just tired of it.

Walk away! Do something that sparks your joy. Read other books, watch movies, exercise. Do things that lift your spirits and don’t go back to the story until you feel it call to you. Then, you’ll know it’s time. I also suggest maybeto divert your attention to another work. Maybe a short story? Another piece that can throw new enthusiasm into. Your original work will he there waiting for you when you’re ready.

Be easy on yourself. You don’t want to create a mindset of writer’s block. The whole point of writing is joy!!

Written By: Natalie Banks