TWCP-Tested Referrals for Your Writing Needs

Below you will find trusted referrals for your writing and book-producing needs, all used by the board and/or members of The Writing Champions Project. 



A.m. Waters

Technical & developmental editing, proofreading & marketing

A.M. Waters is a freelance writer, editor, and soon to be published novelist. She spent her youth as a competitive figure skater, growing passionate about the arts and storytelling. As an adult, she studied writing at the University of Utah. She loves to engage with the projects she works on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories she feels worth writing and editing. As a dedicated member of the writing community, A.M. Waters is here to help you in all areas of creative, developmental, and technical editing. Waters is proficient in Chicago Style editing, and will use that technique on the project.

Meghan Lafferty

Copyediting, proofreading

Meghan Lafferty is a freelance copy editor and proofreader for authors and businesses. She helps writers get their story ready to read by polishing their manuscript while preserving their unique voice, ultimately empowering them to achieve their goals and provide a great experience to their readers. She also helps companies ensure their message is clear, free of errors, and consistent with their brand so they can establish credibility with their potential clients. Meghan’s services and rates are available on her website, and she offers a sample edit for large projects.

Emma's Edit

Copy and developmental editing, proofreading, beta reading

I provide a wide range of editing services, from beta reading, developmental editing, and general writing advice to copy-editing and proofreading. I also can help you with query submissions, blurbs and author bios. I pride myself on being flexible and willing to build a service around you specifically, so if you’re looking for something a bit different or you’re not sure what you need, please just get in touch and we can figure it out together! My prices are affordable and I offer a deposit scheme that means you don’t have to pay a huge lump sum up front. Come and say hi and see if we’d be a good fit!

Jessica Scurlock

Manuscript critiques, beta reading

With my manuscript critiques and beta reads, I offer in-line suggestions, commentary, and minor changes as well as a 2-3+ page reader report, which explains what I enjoyed about the author’s manuscript, what could be improved, and a more in-depth breakdown of my in-line suggestions. All feedback is constructive and comes from my standpoint as a reader and a writer.

Book Mama Proofreading

Editing, proofreading, beta reading

Magic and Moons Press


Britt offers both editing and proofreading at affordable prices for writers. From blog posts to manuscripts, they can help you polish your work to make it shine. Their blog also has a running series on indie publishing, and Britt is always available to answer questions. What they love most is supporting writers in all stages of their journey.

Pride and Proof


Lauren Bennett is the founder of Pride and Proof, a freelance proofreading business dedicated to helping authors create professional and polished content. She is a devoted reader with a particular interest in psychological thrillers, historical fiction, and memoirs, and she enjoys reviewing books and connecting with other book lovers on her blog. Lauren also loves to create using modern calligraphy, hike in the mountains, and travel whenever possible.

Heidi Doddek is a freelance proofreader, editor, blogger, and children’s book author. After several years working in higher education, she decided to channel her skills and love of words to assist other authors with the writing process. She specializes in proofreading and editing online content, manuscripts, and academic material. When she isn’t working, Heidi enjoys spending time with her family in the great outdoors near their home in Houston, Texas.


Taylor Harvey

Social media management and audiobook narration

Taylor is a social media manager by day and an audiobook narrator also by day with a passion for helping creative individuals grow their businesses and bringing stories to life. Her social media services focus on creating content authentic to you and your brand, finding the right audience through organic growth, and providing services at all price points. Whether you’re brand new to the social media world or have a dedicated following, she can manage your pages, engage with customers, and grow your business so that you can focus on writing.

April M. Woodard

Social media coaching

April is an an author and Amazon Best Seller. Book blogging is her passion, but she loves helping writers with personal branding. Her main focus is on how authors and writers can connect with their ideal audience through online communities while at the same time building their personal brand in a fun and exciting way.


Author marketing & social media

At Mixtus Media, we help overwhelmed authors clearly and confidently market their books. Our customized framework simplifies the marketing process, connecting authors with their ideal readers so you can sell more books.


Burning Soul Press

Book coaching, writing courses, publishing, marketing

Lauren Eckhardt created Burning Soul Press to help powerhouse women with an empowering story to share become more than just a best-selling author—a changemaker with a soul-fulling mission that inspires people globally. We serve those with a trailblazing spirit by guiding them to write and publish books that align with their soul’s purpose using our unique and exclusive Soul Writer framework. We specialize in book coaching, creative startups, writing courses, ghostwriting, publishing, marketing, and author services.


Taylor Harvey

Audiobook Narration & Social Media Management

Taylor is a social media manager by day and an audiobook narrator also by day with a passion for helping creative individuals grow their businesses and bringing stories to life. 
Her work as an audiobook narrator arose from her love of reading… and a BFA in Acting. She has a full at-home studio setup that provides excellent quality, as well as the finished, edited product. She really loves working closely with authors to deliver a performance that brings the characters to life just as they imagined them. Her favorite genres to narrate are fantasy, romance, and YA fiction (extra points if there’s a strong female lead).

Jess Nahikan

Audiobook Narration

I am a British trained actor and voiceover artist with degrees from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I have recorded over 40 audiobooks, including titles by Catherine Ryan Hyde and Ruth Ware. My voice can be heard in multiple national commercials and international video games. Most recently, I can be seen in NBCs THE BLACKLIST, and CBS’ BLUE BLOODS Season 10 Finale as AMY TAYLOR. I currently live and work in NYC.


The Raven Review

Online literary magazine

We are a literary magazine that publishes poetry and short fiction that explores the human experience through dark, atmospheric writing. Since 2019, the magazine has been publishing both seasoned and newbie writers with the explicit goal of helping them gain exposure.

The Lumiere Review

Online literary magazine

At The Lumiere Review, a nonprofit literary magazine, we strongly believe that all creative voices should be heard through a platform to shine light on every story, idea, and experience. We are intrigued by the inextinguishable sparks of truth and connection, the effervescent meddling of narrative, and the luminous creations that expand on perceptions of genre, language, and form. After all, we aspire to be the brightest magazine around. We accept writing and art submissions on a rolling basis. Genres include poetry, prose, and artwork, but we also welcome experimental and hybrid submissions. We read submissions from everyone regardless of age and background. We publish quarterly in March, June, September, and December.

Loud Coffee Press

Online literary magazine

Loud Coffee Press is a lifestyle brand that produces a quarterly literary magazine that’s hot, loud and buzzes without caffeine – not to say that we don’t love our caffeine. We believe that crafting flash fiction is like making the perfect cup of coffee. Turn up the heat with emotion, twist it with a roast so smooth that the reader never sees it coming, and let it resonate all the way down to the last sip. And, don’t forget the tunes, because music is life. Loud Coffee Press accepts flash-fiction, poetry, and art submissions. Please review our guidelines before submitting.