Writing Challenge Winners

2020 Fall Winners 

Where the Stars Fell – Bambie Childs

Fall Winners

“Put your own classic twist on the classic tale of The Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood by N.M. Guerra
Little Red Riding Hood by Eliza Ande
Summer Winner
“She looks in the mirror and is surprised by what she sees ...
June Winners
“You visit a new place and in the 
‘Lost & Found’ is something from your house.
Wearing Faces by Emmerita Amado
Olivia’s Story by Marisa Baratta
May Winners
“Two days after accepting a marriage proposal,
      she finds a card at her doorstep…
Souvenirs by Gracie Turpin
April Winners
“I hit play and watched myself in the recording. 
But what I saw isn’t what I remembered.”
Bringing Death to Life by L. M. Dameron
Apple Pie Poker by Marialena Skaramagka
March Winners
“A Goodbye that Led to Hello.”
Lemon Drops
by Beth Philipps 
Hello, Carson
by Gracie Turpin
Honorable Mention:
Take Chances
by J.Faith Kenney
February Winners
“A Blind Date Gone Wrong.”

Tinder’s Tambourine Man
by Rachael Hevrin 

The Real Joe
by Jessica Clarke

by Rhiannon Bird